Table 1

Acceptability of the STI results service: survey results

Total (n)Tested previously (n)Tested previously (n)Never tested before (n)
Thought the way they got results this time compared with previous experience/s was:
 Much better14/41 (34%)100/274 (36%)
 Better13/41 (32%)26/274 (17%)
 About the same11/41 (27%)97/274 (35%)
 Worse3/41 (7%)29/274 (11%)
 Much worse00
Would be happy to get results this way in the future241/269 (90%)
Happy with the way they got their results138/152 (91%)63/64 (98%)
If tested positive in the future would be happy to access results this way61/64 (95%)
Would rather have got result via email with link to access result0/1523/62 (5%)
Would rather have result in text message10/152 (7%)27/62 (44%)
Text message was not clear1/152 (1%)
Amount of information given with results was:
 Not enough1/108 (1%)
 About right107/108 (99%)
 Too much0/108