Table 1

Demographic data, HIV-related data and STD prevalence

Demographics, HIV infectionMean (SD) or percentage (n/total)Missing data (n)
Mean age (years)41.9 (±10.5)
Mean duration since HIV diagnosis (years)9.2 (±8.2)
CDC stage HIV infection
 A54.5% (60/110)
 B23.6% (26/110)
 C21.8% (24/110)
 16.4% (7/110)
 259.1% (65/110)
 334.5% (38/110)
Mean CD4+ cell count (cells/µL)540 (±236)2*
Prescribed ART90.9% (100/110)
 With HIV plasma viral load <40 copies/mL88.0% (88/100)
Rectal shedding of HIV-RNA13.5% (14/104)6†
 When HIV plasma viral load was <40 copies/mL2.4% (2/83)5†
 When HIV plasma viral load was ≥40 copies/mL57.1% (12/21)1†
STD prevalencePercentage (n/total)Missing data (n)
Detection CT and/or NG16.5 (17/103)7‡
 CT70.6 (12/17)
 NG52.9 (9/17)
 CT/NG coinfections23.5 (4/17)
Current syphilis3.7 (4/109)
Abnormal epithelia in anal cytology¶26.6 (29/109)1**
Detection of HPV-associated lesions††33.6 (36/107)3‡‡
 Condyloma/AIN I83.3 (30/36)
 AIN II/AIN III16.7 (6/36)
  • *CD4 count missing.

  • †Rectal HIV-RNA amplification failed.

  • ‡Nucleic acid amplification test for CT/NG failed.

  • §Serology missing.

  • ¶Atypical cells of undetermined significance, low-grade intraepithelial lesion or high-grade intraepithelial lesion.

  • **Insufficient quality of sample.

  • ††HPV-associated lesions were either of typical clinical appearance on (in?) high-resolution anoscopy or confirmed by biopsy.

  • ‡‡Participants with suspected AIN refused biopsy.

  • AIN, anal intraepithelial neoplasia; ART, antiretroviral therapy; CDC, Centers of Disease Control and Prevention.