Table 1

Participant characteristics

630 men in broader sample120 men in couples with gonorrhoea
AgeMedian 30 years (IQR 25–36)Median 30 years (IQR 25–36)
HIV-positive25 (4%)10 (8%)
Condom use
 IAI93 (15%) used consistently10 (8%) used consistently
 RAI92 (15%) used consistently10 (8%) used consistently
Casual sexual partnersMedian 1 (IQR 0–3)Median 3 (IQR 0–5)
  • Condom use is defined as consistent use of condoms for penoanal sexual intercourse with their regular partner, stratified by insertive and receptive anal intercourse.

  • Casual sexual partners are defined as the number of sexual partners in the preceding 3 months with whom men had sexual contact in addition to their regular partner.

  • IAI, insertive anal intercourse;RAI, receptive anal intercourse.