Table 1

Sample description by sociodemographic attributes and HIV/STI testing patterns (n=1098)

Demographic variablesn%
Age (years)
 50 years and above958.7
Residence status
 Singapore citizen or permanent resident79772.6
Educational attainment
 Secondary and below12411.3
 Bachelor’s degree47843.5
 Postgraduate degree18817.1
Disclosure of sexual orientation
 Non-LGBTQ family33130.2
 Non-LGBTQ friends60555.1
 Non-LGBTQ colleagues31428.6
 Other LGBTQ individuals69763.5
Extent of sexual orientation disclosure
 Never disclosed to anyone18717.0
 Disclosed to one group37834.4
 Disclosed to two groups19017.3
 Disclosed to three groups18316.7
 Disclosed to four groups16014.6
HIV status
 HIV positive736.6
 HIV negative82174.8
 Don’t know20418.6
When did you go for your last voluntary HIV test? (n=1025)*
 In the last 6 months51750.4
 6–12 months ago16315.9
 More than a year ago17517.1
 Never tested voluntarily for HIV17016.6
Where did you go for your last voluntary HIV test? (n=855)†
 Government-run clinic or hospital16419.2
 Privately run clinic or hospital23727.7
 Anonymous testing site (general practitioner)11513.5
 Anonymous testing site (non-governmental organisation)24028.1
How often do you test voluntarily for HIV? (n=1025)*
 Once a month90.9
 Once every 3 months12312.0
 Once every 6 months19519.0
 Once a year25124.5
 Once every few years959.3
 I don't test regularly / never tested35234.3
How often do you test voluntarily for other STI? (n=1098)
 Once a month100.9
 Once every 3 months565.1
 Once every 6 months16314.9
 Once a year25723.4
 Once every few years898.1
 I don't test regularly / never tested52147.5
  • *Excludes 73 HIV-positive respondents.

  • †Excludes 73 HIV-positive respondents and 170 respondents who had never tested for HIV.

  • ‡All open-ended responses accompanying this response indicated ‘self-testing’ for HIV.

  • LGBTQ, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning; STI, sexually transmitted infection.