Table 2

Results of the evaluation of the self-test and self-sample test providers, showing the number of providers scoring positive (answer value indicated between brackets)

Self-sample test providers (n=12)Self-test providers (n=8)χ2 outcome
Anal/oral testing (Good)758.300.0 Χ2 (1)=7.18, p < 0.01
STI comorbidity (Yes)1083.3450.0Χ2 (1)=2.54, p=0.11
Basic STI information (Good)650.0450.0Χ2 (1)=0.00, p=1.00
Window phase (Good)758.3112.5Χ2 (1)=4.20, p=0.04
Testing tool (Yes)758.300.0 Χ2 (1)=7.18, p< 0.01
Risk prevention (Good)18.300.0Χ2 (1)=0.70, p=0.40
Reliability level (Yes)12100.000.0 Χ2 (1)=20.00, p< 0.01
Reliability described325.0337.5Χ2 (1)=0.36, p=0.55
Reliability supported18.3112.5Χ2 (1)=0.09, p=0.76
Quality marks for laboratory (Yes)1083.3
Quality marks for testing kit (Yes)541.6787.5 Χ2 (1)=4.20, p= 0.04
Contact healthcare professional (Yes)975.0112.5 Χ2 (1)=7.50, p< 0.01
Video instructions (Yes)18.3225.0Χ2 (1)=1.05, p=0.31
Dutch instructions (Yes)12100.0787.5Χ2 (1)=1.58, p=0.21
Contact provider (Yes)12100.08100.0
Diagnose technique (Yes)758.3675.0Χ2 (1)=0.59, p=0.44
Follow-up (2 or more)541.600.0 Χ2 (1)=4.44, p< 0.04
Referral to general practitioner (Yes)1083.3675.0Χ2 (1)=0.21, p=0.65
Result communication (Active)758.3
Partner notification (Yes)1083.3450.0Χ2 (1)=2.54, p<0.11
  • Bold printed statistics differ, p-values < .05 are considered significant.