Table 2

Additional practical barriers identified by participants

Practical barriersExample quote(s)
Too much text I think, like in a way they’ve got lots of information, but for a, a teenager, or even maybe younger, they would get in and be like: ‘Aw, I’m not looking at that’ – and just come back off it. Like if I go onto this one and it’s, this one and there’s like quite a lot of this, and then like, it all just continues the—whole way down the page of different things, I’d get bored with reading that (Mia)
Tone of content We’re talking about adult issues, you know, with our bodies. We’re not here to watch like a Thomas the Tank Engine explain it or anything like that ( laughing) (Liam)
I think it’s like us, because we’re like teens, we’ll like want to be comforted like we won’t want to be told ‘right, go to your clinic like right away (Jess)
Lack of individually relevant content There’s a lot of stuff aimed at women … there seems to be a lot aimed at women, know what I mean? There’s no’ really any tips for men (Dylan)
Formal and medical terminology Some of them ( websites ) were more detailed and more medical words … some people don’t do biology and they don’t know like big long words (Laura)
Ones ( websites ) without slang, what if you don’t know what you’re looking for? Like, words like, ‘cause you might not have heard, like a proper medical name for it. So they’d be like, wouldn’t have like any idea what they’re looking for then (Caleb)