Table 2

Experience of Testpoint and where information about Testpoint was found

QuestionNumber of respondents (%)
Total number 570 persons
Have you tested at Testpoint previously?Yes, once102 (17.9)
Yes, twice26 (4.6)
Yes, 3-5 times16 (2.8)
No426 (74.7)
Had you heard of Testpoint before today?*Yes154 (57.7)
No113 (42.3)
How did you find out about Testpoint?†Grindr117 (20.6)
Qx/Qruiser98 (17.2)
Saw the testing team here128 (22.5)
Internet144 (25.3)
Through friend or partner78 (13.7)
Other86 (15.1)
Testing locationRFSL Stockholm351 (59.0)
RFSL Örebro24 (4.0)
Other location where Testpoint is regularly offered‡162 (27.2)
Temporary testing site§58 (9.8)
  • *Two hundred and sixty-seven respondents only.

  • †More than one response possible.

  • ‡Night club, sauna, cruising area.

  • §Smaller pride and other Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender-oriented festivals in Sweden.