Table 3

Desirable interventions and their perceived benefits and current barriers to implementation in Level-2 and Level-3 sexual health services in England—responses to a national web-survey

NDesired (n, %)Not desired (n, %)BarrierMotivation
Educational videos7935 (44%)14 (18%)Lack of funding for development (37%)Captive patient audience (37%)
Online learning materials7148 (68%)7 (10%)Lack of funding for development (61%)Minimal staff time (33%)
Mobile ‘app’8049 (61%)3 (4%)Lack of funding for development (65%)Potential patient uptake (47%)
One to one208 (40%)3 (15%)Time constraints (50%)Widely appropriate for patients (38%)
Multiple sessions of motivational interviews4516 (36%)4 (9%)Lack of funding for staff (50%)Perceived effectiveness (50%)
Group sessions7116 (23%)32 (45%)Lack of trained staff time (38%)Encourages peer learning (50%)