Table 2

Class risk variable proportions from the three-class LCA model among the sample of CAP007 adolescent females with HIV-negative serostatus in 2011 (n=1049)

Risk variableOverallThree-class model proportions
Class 1
‘No risk’
Class 2
‘High risk’
Class 3
‘Low risk’
HSV-2 status
 Condom use0.2570.0640.3040.489
 Other contraception0.1940.0000.0000.511
HIV knowledge
Prior HIV testing
Financial dependence
Drug use (past year)
 At least once0.0370.0000.1370.048
Alcohol use (past year)
 At least once0.1540.0680.4570.158
Pregnancy (past year)
School absence (past year)
 Illness and other reason0.2000.1830.1770.231
 Other reason0.1690.1240.3280.170
Perceived HIV risk
 High risk0.0740.0850.2490.000
 Low risk0.3800.0000.0001.000
 Not at risk0.5450.9150.7510.000
n (%)1049 (100)547 (52.15)103 (9.82)399 (38.04)
HIV status (2012)
 Positive6 (1.10)3 (2.91)9 (2.26)
 Negative541 (98.90)100 (97.09)390 (97.74)
  • HSV-2, herpes simplex virus serotype-2; LCA, latent class analysis.