Table 2

Sample characteristics (n=597)

Age (years)
 No formal qualifications294.9
 Any below degree31252.3
 Other/still studying193.2
 White British55192.3
 Non-white British406.7
Marital status
 Married or cohabiting31452.6
 Separated, divorced, widowed12120.3
Heard of HPV
 No/don’t know16427.5
Currently in a sexual relationship
 Prefer not to say305.0
Number of partners over the lifetime
 Prefer not to say508.4
Last new partner
 Within the last 10 years10517.6
 Within the last 20 years9916.6
 20 years or more33255.6
 Prefer not to say589.7
Screening status
 Up to date12520.9
 Never had a test10517.6
  • Note: percentages that do not add up to 100% are due to missing data.

  • HPV, human papillomavirus.