Table 2

LGV ompA sequences derived from LGV-positive specimens from four European countries

LGV ompA sequences (accession number)n%n%n%n%n%
Number of LGV-positive793122105
L2/434/BU (AM884176)4867.6266.718.35158.6
L2b/UCH-1/proctitis (AM884177)57.0133.31100541.71112.6
L2bV1 (JX971936)1622.500.000.01618.4
L2bV1 and L2/434/BU*11.400.000.011.1
L2bV5 (MH253040) (new; most similar to L2bV4 (KU518892) with G-A at 271 bp)00.000.0433.344.6
L2bV6 (MH253041) (new; most similar to L2b (AM884177) with G-A at 998 bp)
L2h (MH253042) (new; most similar to L2 (AM884176) with A-G at 997 bp)11.400.018.322.3
LGV sequence not obtained†810.100.000.01045.51817.1
  • *Two different sequences present in specimen; mixed infection.

  • †Includes one patient from Austria with genotype G according to ompA sequencing; possible dual LGV and non-LGV-CT infection.

  • LGV, lymphogranuloma venereum; bp, base-pairs.