Table 2

Community advice for public health workers and healthcare practitioners for promoting prevention of sexual transmission of Zika

Messaging for Prevention of Sexual Transmission
Use existing labels to talk about an emerging infectious disease's risk for sexual transmission
  • “Call it an STD”

  • “Treat it like if it was an STD”

Add new emerging infectious diseases to routine testing conversations
  • Add to a routine check list for STIs

Add to existing STIs educational campaigns
  • “Include it in one of the bulletins like chlamydia, herpes”

One-on-one Conversations about Prevention of Sexual Transmission
Include sexual partners and religious leaders
  • “It goes against my religion”

  • (Husband ) will be arguing that I’m denying myself.”

Expect denial or resistance to prevention and provide alternatives
  • “No. It wouldn’t be a problem because I wouldn’t use them (Condoms).”