Table 3

Age/ethnic-mixing in opposite-sex partnerships in the past 3 months, by ethnic group and gender

Men’s partnershipsWomen’s partnershipsP for gender differences
BC men’s partnershipsWBI men’s partnershipsP for ethnic differenceBC women’s partnershipsWBI women’s partnershipsP for ethnic differenceAmong BC attendees’ partnershipsAmong WBI attendees’ partnerships
Denominator (number of partnerships reported) * 324 689 449 1041
 Median age difference (IQR)
 (man’s age minus woman’s age)†
2 (0–4)1 (−1 to 4)2 (0–4)1 (0–4)
% of partnerships with age-mixing
 (≥5 years age difference)
By partnership type at most recent sex
 Uncommitted regular31.4%30.3%0.83626.7%25.3%0.7030.3430.205
% of partnerships with man ≥5 years older than woman24.2%21.7%0.51525.7%20.4%0.0970.7440.641
By partnership type at most recent sex
 Uncommitted regular25.5%22.7%0.49822.2%19.2%0.4270.4390.603
% of partnerships with ethnic-mixing‡67.3%35.1%<0.00139.6%32.1%0.231<0.0010.462
By partnership type at most recent sex
 Uncommitted regular64.2%37.7%<0.00136.8%35.5%0.811<0.0010.684
Partner’s ethnic group<0.001<0.001<0.0010.018
 White British/Irish26.7%64.9%7.4%67.9%
 White other5.7%18.5%1.6%10.4%
 Black African8.3%2.1%18.5%4.6%
 Black Caribbean32.7%2.4%60.4%7.0%
 Other Asian/Chinese/Arab/other7.3%7.8%4.2%3.0%
  • *Denominators: partnerships reported by participants (SHC attendees) identifying as male, and who reported only female partners in the past year; and partnerships reported by participants identifying as female who reported only male partners in the past year. Pearson χ2 tests were used to calculate p values.

  • †If a positive value, the man is older than the woman, and if a negative value, the woman is older than the man.

  • ‡Defined as partners of different ethnic groups to the participant.

  • BC, Black Caribbean; SHC, sexual health clinic; WBI, White British/Irish.