Table 1

Cases of sexually transmitted Shigella flexneri and Shigella sonnei in men who have sex with men (N=33)

Crude OR95% CIP value
HIV seropositive
S. flexneri5/5 (100%)28.11.27 to 619<0.05
S. sonnei4/15 (27%)
HIV negative on PREP
S. flexneri0/03.80.06 to 2430.53
S. sonnei2/11 (18%)
Bacterial sexually transmitted infection
S. flexneri2/5 (40%)0.80.1 to 6.00.8
S. sonnei7/15 (47%)
S. flexneri3/5 (60%)1.70.2 to 13.40.61
S. sonnei7/15 (47%)