Table 2

Incidence and clearance rates for oral infection by any HPV, high-risk HPVs and the individual high-risk types for the overall study group and stratified according to HIV status

OverallHIV-infected MSMHIV-uninfected MSM
Rate*95% CIRate*95% CIRate*95% CI
 Incidence17.812.4 to 25.421.213.0 to 34.715.09.0 to 25.2
 Clearance87.164.4 to 117.882.854.3 to 126.592.860.3 to 142.8
High-risk HPV
 Incidence8.35.1 to 13.410.75.5 to to 13.3
 Clearance98.465.7 to 147.5121.167.7 to 216.882.746.6 to 146.8
 Incidence2.00.8 to to to 8.9
 Clearance80.941.9 to 156.244.811.2 to 179.3105.549.6 to 224.2
 Incidence1.00.3 to to to 4.3
 Clearance34.78.7 to 138.353.17.6 to 373.325.73.6 to 182.0
 Incidence1.10.3 to to to 8.1
 Clearance67.916.9 to to 319.2137.719.4 to 976.7
 Incidence0.90.2 to 4.1n.e.n.e.
 Cearance144.944.3 to 474.7n.e.n.e.
 Incidence0.60.1 to 4.8n.e.1.10.1 to 9.0
 Clearance233.552.9 to 1030.0n.e.232.952.6 to 1031.7
 Clearance99.013.4 to 731.3n.e.n.e.
 Incidence0.40.05 to to 5.7n.e.
 Clearance80.025.6 to 250.057.714.4 to 231.3n.e.
 Incidence3.01.1 to 8.5n.e.1.40.3 to 6.2
 Clearance245.297.4 to 617.3n.e.78.711.3 to 549.0
 Incidence1.60.5 to 5.7n.e.0.80.1 to 6.2
 Clearance205.976.8 to 552.1n.e.128.231.3 to 524.2
  • High-risk genotypes for which neither incidence nor clearance could be estimated because zero transitions are not shown.

  • *Rate is given ×1000 person-months.

  • HPV, human papillomavirus; MSM, men who have sex with men; n.e., not estimable.