Table 1

Baseline sociodemographic and behavioural characteristics of the 244 MSM included in the longitudinal cohort, overall and stratified according to HIV status

P value*
Age (years)0.289
Education 0.024
Annual income (euros)0.27
 <12 0009438.53635.05841.1
 12 000–24 00012149.65149.57049.7
 >24 0002911.91615.5139.2
Smoking status0.173
 Current smoker9538.94644.74934.8
 Former smoker3514.31615.51913.5
Alcohol consumption0.463
Number of lifetime partners (any sex)0.544
Number of recent partners (any sex)† <0.0001
Occasional partners (any sex) <0.0001
Number of lifetime partners (receptive oral sex)0.092
Recent receptive oral sex† 0.010
Number of recent partners (receptive oral sex)‡ 0.003
Occasional partners for recent receptive oral sex‡ <0.001
Condom use during recent receptive oral sex‡0.171
 Not always21496.48394.313197.8
STI history§ 0.008
Anogenital wart history§0.263
Oral care/condition¶0.332
Oral health/hygiene**0.066
 Good/very good13053.34644.68459.6
 Fair/poor/very poor10543.05250.55337.6
  • p values for significant differences between the two study groups are indicated in bold.

  • 2 test for the comparison between HIV-uninfected and HIV-infected MSM.

  • †During the 6 months previous the enrolment.

  • ‡For the subjects who reported receptive oral sex in the previous 6 months.

  • §Diagnosed at least 6 months prior to enrolment (anogenital warts, syphilis, gonorrhoeae in any site, genital herpes and chlamydia)

  • ¶Self-reported and classified on the basis of the answers to six questions concerning oral care and conditions, as specified in the Methods section and in online supplementary appendix 1.

  • **Ascertained by the otolaryngologist during a full examination of the oral cavity, as detailed in the Methods section and in online supplementary appendix 1.