Table 1

Characteristics of MSM visiting the STI clinic who used antibiotic STI-prophylaxis

PatientNumber of sex partners <6 monthsChemsex*HIV positiveHIV-PrEP useIntention to use HIV-PrEPAntibiotic used STI-prophylaxisMode of use
16NoNoNoNoAzithromycinIn case of symptoms
211NoNoNoYesAzithromycinIn case of symptoms
410NoNoNoYesCiprofloxacinAround sex
510YesNoYesNADoxycyclineAround sex
615YesYesNANADoxycyclineAround sex
71NoNoNoNoUnknownAround sex
TotalMedian: 1029%14%14%43%NANA
  • Median age of patients was 40 years (IQR 37–43; range 35–57 years). All patients were higher educated.

  • *Chemsex: the use of drugs during sex. Drugs included in this definition were crystal meth, cocaine, designer drugs (2-CB, 3 MMC, 4-FA and 4-MEC), GHB, GBL, ketamine, MDMA, mephedrone, speed and XTC.

  • HIV-PrEP, HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis ; MSM, men who have sex with men; NA, Not applicable.