Table 1

Demographic characteristics and sexual behaviour in 3 months prior to completing RiiSH MSM survey (2016–2017), by chemsex participation in the past 12 months

Non-missing percentageUnivariable logistic regression
No chemsex last 12 months (n=3525) (%)Chemsex in last 12 months (n=397) (%)Total (n=3933) (%)ORCIGlobal p value
Recruitment method
 App survey90.479.889.3
 Clinic survey9.620.210.72.391.82 to 3.13<0.001
Age group
 30–4430.940.331.91.571.16 to 2.10<0.001
 45–5936. to 1.62
 60+ to 0.98
Ethnic group*
 White British/Irish81.371.880.2
 White other9.017.610.02.201.65 to 2.940.049
 Black2. to 2.66
 Asian4. to 2.07
 Mixed ethnicity2. to 2.26
 Other1. to 2.27
Continent of birth*
 Africa2. to 3.60<0.001
 Asia3. to 1.91
 Australasia1. to 6.36
 Mainland Europe7.914. to 2.87
 North America1. to 3.36
 South America1. to 3.84
Highest qualification received*
 Below degree48.740.547.8
 University degree or higher51.359.552.21.401.13 to 1.730.002
HIV status*
 No known HIV diagnosis88.066.285.8
 HIV-positive12.033.814.23.742.96 to 4.71<0.001
No. male partners in past 3 months†
 1–564.945.362.91.781.05 to 3.02<0.001
 6–1013.320.914.14.002.29 to 6.98
 11+10.529.412.47.164.15 to 2.37
New male sexual partner in past 3 months†
 Yes67.082.968.62.381.78 to 3.19<0.001
CAS with man in past 3 months*
 Yes48.875.951.63.302.59 to 4.2<0.001
HIV status of CAS partners(s) in past 3 months among those reporting CAS (no chemsex n=1676, chemsex n=296)‡
 HIV status known: seroconcordant partner(s) only60.048.158.1
 HIV status known: at least one serodiscordant partner19.728.321.11.791.30 to 2.470.001
 Unknown HIV serostatus in at least one partner20.323.620.81.461.04 to 2.04
  • Non-missing percentages presented.

  • *Variables have <2.5% missing data with no difference by chemsex participation.

  • †Variables have 9%–15% missing data with no difference by chemsex participation.

  • ‡Variable has 17.9% missing data among persons reporting CAS: 12% and 18% of those who did and did not report chemsex.

  • CAS, condomless anal sex; MSM, men who have sex with men; RiiSH, Reducing Inequalities and Improving Sexual Health.