Table 2

Bivariate analyses of prevalence of health outcomes by source of information about U = U, Positive Perspectives Study, 2019 (n=2389)

DomainCharacteristicOverall (n=2389)Completely unaware of U=U (n=296)Aware of U=U from non-HCP sources (n=505)Informed by HCP of U=U (n=1588)P value
Health indicatorsViral suppression74.156.476.076.8<0.001
Optimal overall health57.644.655.060.9<0.001
Optimal mental health57.638.253.762.5<0.001
Optimal physical health60.145.356.264.1<0.001
Optimal sexual health48.641.244.651.30.001
Attitudes and behaviours towards sharing HIV statusComfortable sharing HIV status29.819.626.532.7<0.001
Would be anxious or stressed if others were to see their HIV medication45.851.050.343.30.004
Ever hid or disguised their HIV medication within the past 6 months57.967.261.455.0<0.001
Comfortable discussing ART-related privacy concerns with HCP52.034.845.557.2<0.001
Comfortable discussing with HCP concerns about the safety of others/preventing transmission59.836.155.265.6<0.001
Have always shared HIV status6.
Missed ART dose for 5+ times in past month because of privacy concerns4.<0.001
People shared HIV status withShared HIV status with nobody besides primary HIV care provider12.620.911.711.4<0.001
‘Most of the people in my life’
Close friends71.156.473.972.9<0.001
Parents, siblings and children68.160.267.469.80.006
Wider family/circle of friends46.734.846.348.90.001
Current family doctor not providing HIV care68.055.567.070.6<0.001
Sexual partners61.150.962.062.50.005
Other HCPs not providing HIV care60.548.462.862.0<0.001
Partner/spouse/significant other75.869.375.877.20.025
Reason for not sharing HIV statusThey would see or treat me different58.647.662.059.60.0001
They might then disclose my HIV status to others51.848.354.751.60.210
I might be excluded from activities38.
Being denied access to healthcare services18.<0.001
Being denied access to financial benefits17.720.317.817.10.427
Might affect my friendships45.843.947.745.60.549
I might lose my job33.934.537.632.60.115
Might affect my romantic or sexual relationships37.327.
My physical safety/potential violence20.122.622.818.70.068
Criminal prosecution10.110.510.59.90.899
  • The p-values shown are derived from global tests (Chi-square statistics) assessing whether at least two groups are significantly different.

  • ART, antiretroviral therapy; HCP, healthcare provider; U=U, undetectable equals untransmittable.