Table 1

Content analysis results of online male sex workers’ reactions to and engagement with COVID-19*

ThemeSubthemeExamplen (%)
Risk reduction181 (85.8)
In-person service discontinuation‘Due to COVID-19 I will not be doing any in person modeling, massaging, etc.’87 (41.2)
Virtual sex work services offered†‘Webcam sessions only provided during COVID-19.’82 (38.9)
COVID-19 status disclosure‘Tested for Covid 19 antibody 04/28/20 negative.’44 (20.9)
Enhanced client requirements‘Social distancing is priority so screening clients to be safe.’26 (12.3)
Restricted sex work travel‘Travels are subject to change if further government restrictions put in place.’11 (5.2)
Social reactions51 (24.2)
Expressions of solidarity‘We can meet after! For your safety and mine. For now let's help each other stay safe.’20 (9.5)
Dismiss or downplay pandemic‘Grounded and ready to play #Covid mode’; ‘Don’t let COVID ruin all our fun!’31 (14.7)
  • *Analysis conducted using 211 unique profiles that referenced COVID-19.

  • †Virtual services in this context include only those with specific reference to COVID-19.