Table 1

Summary of demographics of IDI participants

Age (years)In a relationship
 <201 Yes12
 20–≤3027 No18
Education levelEver provided sex in exchange for money or gifts
 Secondary school/ Institute of Technical Education4 Yes9
 ‘A’ levels/diploma16 No20
 Degree10 Not sure1
Employment statusNumber of sex partners in the past 12 months
 Unemployed1 One7
 Self-employed4 2–514
 Student15 6–94
 Sales/technical/service6 10 and above5
 Healthcare professional2
 Government employee2
Condom use with emotional partners in the last monthCondom use with casual partners in the last month
 Did not have sex9 Did not have sex3
 Never2 Rarely1
 Rarely5 Sometimes4
 Sometimes2 Most of the time7
 Most of the time2 All the time15
 All the time9
 No response1
Last HIV testLast STI test
 In the past 1 month5 Never tested for STI5
 In the past 6 months11 In the past 1 month3
 In the past 12 months2 In the past 6 months8
 >12 months ago12 In the past 12 months5
 >12 months ago9
HIV statusSTI diagnosis in past 12 months
 HIV-negative16 Yes8
 HIV-positive13 No17
 Don’t know1
  • IDI, in-depth interview.