Table 4

Discontinuation rates of included RCTs

Study nameDrug observed and number of participants in study armDiscontinuation due to an adverse eventReason for discontinuation
Cahn et al 25 Dolutegravir (n=357)9/357 (3%)N/A
Dooley et al 27 Dolutegravir (n=69)N/AN/A
Llibre et al 35 Dolutegravir/rilpivirine (n=513)17/513 (3%)Psychiatric disorders not specified
Molina et al 33 Dolutegravir (n=242)6/242 (3.3%)N/A
Molina et al 24 Dolutegravir (n=281)2/281 (1%)Included headache (n=1) and pruritus (n=1) in the dolutegravir group
NCT00543725 (THRIVE)Rilpivirine (n=340)8/340 (2.4%)N/A
NCT00540449 (ECHO)Rilpivirine (n=346)6/346 (1.7%)N/A
NCT01263015 (SINGLE)Dolutegravir (n=414)N/AN/A
NCT01709084 (SALIF)Rilpivirine (n=213)N/AN/A
NCT02227238Dolutegravir (n=314)N/AN/A
NCT02607930Dolutegravir (n=315)N/AN/A
NCT02607956Dolutegravir (n=325)N/AN/A
NCT03110380Dolutegravir (n=281)N/AN/A
Orrell et al 26 Dolutegravir (n=248)10/248 (4%)Two participants discontinued dolutegravir due to drug hypersensitivity Other reasons for discontinuation were not given
Raffi et al 22 Dolutegravir (n=411)10/411 (2.4%)N/A
Stellbrink et al 21 Dolutegravir (n=51)1/51 (2%)Lipoatrophy
Trottier et al 30 Dolutegravir (n=276)11/276 (4%)N/A
Vera et al 17 Rilpivirine (n=37)N/AN/A
Wilkins et al 16 Rilpivirine (n=394)10/394 (2.5%)N/A
  • N/A, not applicable; RCTs, randomised controlled trials.