Table 5

Pooled mean proportions of HSV-2 virus isolation in clinically diagnosed GUD and in clinically diagnosed genital herpes in Latin America and the Caribbean

Population typeOutcome measuresSamplesProportion of HSV-2 isolation (%)Pooled proportion of HSV-2 isolation (%)Heterogeneity measures
Total NTotal
RangeMedianMean (95% CI)Q*(P value)I²† (%)
(95% CI)
Prediction interval‡ (%)
Patients with GUD76030.0–77.750.941.4 (18.9 to 67.0)184.5 (<0.001)96.7 (95.0 to 97.9)0.0–100
Patients with genital herpes1027871.5–10090.191.1 (82.7 to 97.2)31.3 (<0.001)71.2 (45.2 to 84.9)58.3–100
  • *Q: the Cochran’s Q statistic is a measure assessing the existence of heterogeneity in pooled outcome measures, here proportions of HSV-2 virus isolation in GUD and in genital herpes.

  • †I² a measure assessing the magnitude of between-study variation that is due to true differences in proportions of HSV-2 virus isolation across studies rather than sampling variation.

  • ‡Prediction interval: a measure quantifying the distribution 95% interval of true proportions of HSV-2 virus isolation around the estimated pooled mean.

  • GUD, genital ulcer disease; HSV-2, herpes simplex virus type 2.