Table 1

Sociodemographic characteristics of the study population in Panama, 2020

 Non-binary/another gender687.1
 Median (28, IQR: 23–37)n=960
 38 and above22923.8
Place of residencen=958
 Capital city, large or medium city65668.5
 Rural town, community or comarcal town30231.5
Number of children
 Median (0, IQR: 0–1)n=960
 3 and more697.2
Highest completed level of educationn=957
 Secondary or lower12713.3
 Some university28930.2
 Postsecondary (university completed)54156.5
Ethnic groupn=957
Successful following of COVID-19 measuresn=957
 Not at all or only some757.8
 Mostly or strictly follow them88292.2
Have you been in strict confinement due to COVID-19?n=955
SARS-CoV-2 testn=956
 Yes and positive at least once262.7
 Yes and always been negative15516.2
Including yourself, how many people do you live with?
 Median 3 people (IQR: 2–4)n=943
 5 or more12012.7
Change in employmentn=935
 No change in what I do or going to work18319.6
 Work from home part-time or full time44847.9
 Lost work or without work before and during COVID-19 measures30432.5
Household monthly income since COVID-19 startedn=926
 US$5001 and higher768.2
Changes in household economic situation since COVID-19 startedn=953
 Household economics got worse48350.7
 No changes in household economics44546.7
 Household economics got better252.6
Weekly alcohol use during COVID-19 social distancingn=932
 The same34937.4
Sexual orientationn=938
 Gay or lesbian909.6
 Asexual, pansexual, queer, questioning, another gender9610.2
  • *Mixed ethnicity is mixed Indigenous/European/Afro-descendant/Asian ancestry.