Table 1

Correlations between indices of social activity and the number of gonorrhoea cases reported to RKI

IndexContemporaneous correlation ρCross-correlation, values are maximum ρ observed (time lag/lead in weeks)
Apple MT
Driving0.290.34 (0)
Transit0.340.27 (+2)
Walking0.260.30 (+2)
Google CMR
Retail and recreation0.050.51 (+1)
Grocery and pharmacy0.340.50 (+1)
Parks0.200.43 (+1)
Workplace0.340.28 (+2)
Transit0.060.45 (+1)
Residential0.08−0.45 (+3)
Oxford Restriction Tracker 0.229−0.39 (+1)
  • Value in brackets shows number of lead/lag days for activity data which resulted in maximum correlation.

  • CMR, Community Mobility Reports; MT, Mobility Trends; RKI, Robert Koch Institute.