Table 1

Demographics of MSM/TPSM questionnaire participants and MSM/TPSM clinic attendees

DemographicsNumber of questionnaire respondents%Number of clinic attendees*%N (df)† χ2
P value
Age (years) 617 3975 4592 (3)
Ethnicity 617 3848 4465 (7)
 White British41366.9290675.537.7
 White other11418.558615.2<0.0001
 Mixed/multiple ethnic groups294.7892.3
 Asian/Asian British345.51423.7
 Black/African/Caribbean/black British132.1260.7
 Prefer not to say91.5711.8
Highest qualification 616
 No educational qualifications101.6
 GCSEs or equivalent6210.1
 A-levels or equivalent8113.1
 BTEC/NVQ/diploma or equivalent8013.0
 University degree or higher37861.4
Index of multiple deprivation (IMD)‡ 398 3759 4157 (5)
 Quintile 1 (most deprived)6416.170818.86.8
 Quintile 28922.486022.90.1480
 Quintile 39924.975120.0
 Quintile 47218.176720.4
 Quintile 5 (least deprived)7418.667317.9
Sexuality 617 3975
 Sex with men49980.9305576.9
 Sex with men and women6410.491823.1
 Other sexual preference548.820.1
Gender 617
 Cis male59997.1
HIV status 617
 Unaware of their HIV status264.2
 HIV positive396.3
 HIV negative55289.5
PrEP use (in HIV-negative MSM/TPSM) 578
 PrEP eligible (total)40269.6
 Has never used PrEP and is ineligible15526.8
 Has never used PrEP but is eligible22138.2
 Is currently using PrEP and is ineligible122.1
 Is currently using PrEP and is eligible16228.0
 Has previously used PrEP and is ineligible91.6
 Has previously used PrEP and is eligible193.3
  • *Multiple visits may be associated with each clinic identification number; we use demographic information relating to the most recent visit between 1 December 2016 and 30 November 2019. Education, gender assigned at birth, PrEP use and HIV status could not be reliably discerned from clinical attendance records.

  • †χ2 test of goodness of fit, expressed with df and p value.

  • ‡IMD is an overall measure of the relative deprivation based on geographical area of residence (specifically lower layer super output area).

  • BTEC, Business and Technology Education Council; GCSE, General Certficate of Secondary Education; MSM, men who have sex with men; NVQ, National Vocational Qualification; PrEP, pre-exposure prophylaxis; TPSM, trans persons who have sex with men .