Table 1

Perceived versus objective transmission risk under four scenarios

ParameterObjectivePerceivedPerceived (percentile)
Risk of HIV transmission (%)
 Scenario 1: one sex act0.3078.3456585100100
 Scenario 2: one sex act with ART0.0165.125506595100
 Scenario 3: 52 sex acts14.587.95090100100100
 Scenario 4: 52 sex acts with ART0.6273.1355575100100
Efficacy of TasP
 Population average96%16.8%
  • Note: n=365. Table displays mean perceived transmission risk across the four scenarios in the study sample. Transmission risks are probabilities expressed as percentages. Efficacy of TasP is computed as the relative (percent) reduction in transmission risk associated with ART. Objective risks are computed based on a uniform 0.3% per-act transmission risk18 and a 96% relative reduction in per-act transmission with ART.1

  • ART, antiretroviral therapy; TasP, treatment as prevention .