Table 5

Summary of attributes to consider when designing an STI testing service for young people

Socioecological levelAttributes to consider
Individual factors
  • Facilitate the ease of testing procedures.

  • Improve testing experiences for young people.

  • Address individual attitudes and perceptions.

  • Improve education about STIs.

  • Reduce barriers to testing.

  • Employ measures to reduce embarrassment.

  • Address fears.

Service factors
  • Ensure a variety of services are available.

  • Consider the location of services.

  • Ensure good accessibility.

  • Address stigmatising features.

  • Maintain privacy, confidentiality and anonymity.

  • Offer a variety of sample collection methods.

  • Use tests with a degree of high accuracy.

  • Quick time to result delivery.

  • Acceptable methods result delivery.

  • Low cost.

  • Speed of accessing testing.

  • Consider tester characteristics.

  • Support for positive results.

  • Effective reminder systems.

  • Partner notification support.

  • Availability of other relevant health services.

Societal factors
  • Reduce risk of being stigmatised.

  • Encourage positive societal attitudes and behaviours.