Table 1

Cross-tabulation of experience of partnered sex by relationship status since lockdown

Denominators (unweighted, weighted)*Relationship status since lockdown
Not in a steady relationshipSteady non-cohabiting relationshipSteady cohabiting relationshipAll
Row %Column %Row %Column %Row %Column %Row %Column %
Experience of partnered sex
 No partnered sex ever743, 76278.625.43.35.518.23.6100.011.5
 Partnered sex ever but not since lockdown1545, 157968.746.05.619.525.710.6100.023.7
 Partnered sex since lockdown4073, 401214.524.48.171.777.581.0100.060.3
 Not known293, 30032.
 Total6654, 665435.5100.06.8100.057.7100.0100.0100.0
Denominators (unweighted, weighted)*2383, 2359494, 4533777, 38426654, 6654
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  • *Denominators: all respondents.