Table 1

Sociodemographic characteristics, adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and syndemic comorbidities of black women in Baltimore, Maryland, by latent class membership (n=230)

VariablesClass 1Class 2
Past-year STISyndemic comorbidities
59% (n=136)41% (n=94)
Categorical variablesn%n%
 Age (years)
 At least a high school education117867883
 Currently employed87645457
 Individual yearly income
  <$10 00074546165
  $10 000–29 99947352729
  >$30 000151166
 Number of children
  3 or more18131415
 Current relationship status
  In a relationship40292628
 Housing instability*43910
Sexual orientation†
  Bisexual or gay13102122
  3 to 925185255
 Emotional abuse‡15113740
 Physical abuse‡322123
 Sexual abuse‡643135
 Emotional neglect‡30224145
 Physical neglect‡15112831
 Witness maternal abuse‡1072325
 Household substance misuse‡24183741
 Household mental health problems‡17133234
 Parental separation or divorced‡40304851
 Incarcerated household member†21163032
Syndemic comorbidities
 Depressive symptoms (past week)‡20158590
 STI (≥1 in past year)*70513537
 Adult sexual victimisation‡26196771
 Substance misuse (past 6 months)‡34255053
 Severe/extreme PTSD (past month)‡216266
 Harmful drinking (past year)‡19143436
  • Source: November 2015–May 2018.

  • * P value ≤0.05.

  • †P value ≤0.01.

  • ‡P value ≤0.001 using the χ2 statistic.

  • ACEs, adverse childhood experiences; PTSD, post-traumatic stress disorder; Source, November 2015-May 2018.