Table 1

Baseline sociodemographic and behavioural characteristics of patients included and excluded from analysis of the NABOGO trial, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, from 18 September 2017 to 5 June 2020

Included in the analysis
Excluded from the analysis
P value†
 Age (years)0.582
  Median (IQR)32(26–41)35(27–42)
 Gender identity0.003
 Highest education level0.040
 Antibiotic use‡0.934
 Coinfection with chlamydia<0.001
Sexual behaviour
 Sexual risk group<0.001
 Number of sexual partners§
  Median (IQR)10(5–20)6(3–15)0.018
HIV characteristics
 HIV status0.128
 cART use¶0.55
 Most recent CD4 cell count (cells/µL)¶0.517
 PrEP use**0.005
  • Data on the number of sexual partners were from the initial consultation, which is the T−1 visit, for all asymptomatic patients. All other data on sociodemographic, behavioural and HIV characteristics were from the T0 visit.

  • Data were missing (n=included/n=excluded) for education level (n=2/n=0), antibiotic use (n=41/n=6), sexual risk group (n=0/n=1), number of sexual partners (n=1/n=4), HIV status (n=3/n=0), cART use (n=1/n=2) and CD4 cell count (n=11/n=7).

  • Not all participants were tested at all anatomical sites; testing depended on own gender and gender of sexual partners. Number of NAATs not tested for anal (n=11), pharyngeal (n=13), vaginal (n=224) and urethral (n=18) samples.

  • *Unless otherwise stated.

  • †P values were calculated using χ2 test or Fisher’s exact test (for categorical data) and Student’s t-test or Wilcoxon rank-sum test (for continuous data).

  • ‡In the preceding 3 months before the initial consultation.

  • §In the preceding 6 months before the initial consultation.

  • ¶Among participants living with HIV.

  • **Among HIV-negative participants. All patients who used PrEP were MSM.

  • cART, combination antiretroviral therapy; MSM, men who have sex with men; MSW, men who have exclusively sex with women; NAAT, nucleic acid amplification test; NABOGO, New AntiBiotic treatment Options for uncomplicated GOnorrhoea; PrEP, pre-exposure prophylaxis; TGP, transgender people.