Table 3

Latent class analysis response probabilities for women aged ≥45 years (n=2653)

Class labelClass 1Class 2Class 3Class 4
Content Caseys (%)Infrequent Indigos (%)Low-Functioning Lees (%)Multiple-Partner Morgans (%)
Overall class size44.9144.388.412.30
No sex in last 4 weeks*23.0299.9845.7241.28
Had unsafe sex in past year*
≥2 sex partners in past year*0.910.011.6599.76
Diagnosed with any STI in the last 5 years0.300.650.186.27
Paid for sex in past year*
Low sexual function score6.676.3696.1737.13
Dissatisfied with sex life0.6120.7366.8130.55
Distressed or worried about sex life2.696.9055.4911.46
  • All estimates are unweighted.

  • Probabilities >50% are in bold type to indicate items that members of a given class were more likely to report.

  • *Same and opposite sex.