Table 1

Trends in diagnoses of syphilis and gonorrhoea (GC) during the COVID-19 pandemic in Europe from reports published in the STI journal—results from a desk review

SettingData sourcePeriodGCSyphilis
Finland8 National Infectious Disease RegisterJan–Aug 2020
(vs 2015–2019)
Sexual Health Clinic in Central London, UK10 Clinic recordsWeek 50 2018–week 35 2020NR
HIV clinic in Athens,
Clinic records2020 (vs previous
2 years)
University Dermatology
Department in Athens, Greece12
Records from 2 referral centresMar–Oct 2020
(vs 2019)
Denmark13 National Infectious Diseases Surveillance Database↑ ↑ 
Two STI clinics in Milan, Italy14 Clinic recordsMar–Apr 2020
(vs 2019)
Stable (early)
↑ (secondary)
STI/HIV clinic in Rome, Italy15 Clinic records2020
(vs previous 3 years)
Dermatovenereology clinic in Prague, Czech Republic16 Clinic recordsMar 2020–Feb 2021
(vs previous 4 years)
NR↑ (early)
  • NR, not reported.