Table 1

Behavioural and psychosocial characteristics and baseline demographic variables of daily PrEP users

Total (n=257)
Demographic characteristics
 Age (years)
  Median (IQR)39(32–48)
 Age (years; categorised)
 Gender identity
  Transgender woman11
 Self-declared ethnicity
 Place of residency in the Netherlands
 Education level
  No college/University6425
  Other (retired, volunteer, disabled, student)4317
 Net monthly income in €‡
 Living situation
  With partner8132
  With parents/Flatmates3514
 Steady relationship§
 Sexual preference¶
  Exclusively homosexual19978
  Not exclusively homosexual5722
Sexual behaviour
 Number of sex partners**
  Median (IQR)15(8–32)
 Number of condomless anal sex episodes with casual partners**
  Median (IQR)6(3–15)
 Condomless anal sex with a casual partner (6 months prior to inclusion in AMPrEP)
Mental health characteristics and drug use
 Sexual compulsivity scale
  Score <24 (no indication of sexual compulsivity)19676
  Score ≥24 (indication of sexual compulsivity)6124
 Depression or anxiety symptoms
  MHI-5 score ≥60 (no symptoms)21282
  MHI-5 score <60 (symptoms)4518
 Alcohol Use Disorder Identification Test§
  Score <8 (no indication)18673
  Score ≥8 (indication)6827
 Drug Use Disorder Identification Test
  Score <8 (no indication)16062
  Score ≥8 (indication)9738
 Level of concern about acquiring HIV§§
  Neutral to high21684
 Level of importance to prevent HIV§§
  Very unimportant to important7027
  Very important18773
Access to mobile application
 Standard app15259
 Extended app10541
AMPrEP study visit attendance
 12 months24696
 24 months21584
  • AMPrEP study, Amsterdam, 2015–2018.

  • *Percentages may not total 100 due to rounding.

  • †3 missing.

  • ‡14 missing.

  • §3 missing.

  • ¶1 missing.

  • **In the 3 months prior to inclusion into AMPrEP.

  • ††Chlamydia, gonorrhoea and/or syphilis within 6 months prior to inclusion into AMPrEP.

  • ‡‡Use of γ-hydroxybutyrate, γ-butyrolactone, methamphetamine or mephedrone prior to or during sex in the 3 months prior to inclusion into AMPrEP, 4 missing.

  • §§Scale 1–7, dichotomised.

  • AMPrEP, Amsterdam PrEP demonstration project; MHI5, Mental Health Inventory-5; PrEP, pre-exposure prophylaxis; RCT, randomised clinical trial.