Table 1

PrEP review clinic outcomes and renal PrEP outcomes

Reason for referral to PrEP review clinic
Reason for referralUnique PrEP users, n (%)
Renal 114 (51.8)
Abnormal eGFR and/or high creatinine89 (40.5)
Proteinuria (>30 mg/mmol and/or ≥1+ protein on urine dipstick)15 (6.8)
Other renal issues not presenting with abnormal eGFR or proteinuria10 (4.5)
Side effects 59 (26.8)*
Comorbidities 38 (17.2)
Concerns about safety of PrEP15 (6.8)
Drug–drug interactions8 (3.6)
Hepatitis B8 (3.6)
Bone health7 (3.2)
Other 9 (4.1)
Renal eGFR cases: possible cause and management following consultation (n=89)
Referral eGFR (mL/min/1.73 m2)Protein supplements: to stop these and retestAlternative explanation, already being monitoredAlternative explanation, no extra monitoring neededNo explanation, further investigated or monitoredTotal (n=89)
≥90 (had abnormal eGFR or raised creatinine and normalised on repeat)22015
  • *Out of 59 PrEP users, 47 (76.7%) obtained PrEP on at least one other occasion following their initial PrEP review clinic appointment, 9 (15.3%) had unknown outcomes and 3 (5.1%) have not restarted PrEP due to reasons including an allergic reaction with bullous lesions which recurred on rechallenge and led to discontinuation of PrEP. The regimen for increasing tolerance is provided in online supplemental table 4.

  • eGFR, estimated glomerular filtration rate; PrEP, pre-exposure prophylaxis.