Table 1

Microbiological success by fAUC/MIC against urogenital Neisseria gonorrhoeae at baseline in a phase II study evaluating single oral doses of gepotidacin

fAUC/MIC (range)n/NMicrobiological success (%)
95 to 10325/25100
48 to 499/9100
24 to 254/667
Total 66/69 96
  • Table reproduced with permission from Scangarella-Oman et al,21 under the Creative Commons Attribution License. Full terms at:

  • fAUC/MIC, ratio of the area under the free-drug concentration–time curve to the MIC; MIC, minimum inhibitory concentration; n/N, number of subjects with culture-confirmed eradication of N. gonorrhoeae out of total microbiologically evaluable subjects.