Table 2

Characterisation of urogenital Neisseria gonorrhoeae isolates from microbiological failures in the phase II study

Participant no. (sex)GEP dose (mg)Microbiological responseVisitMutation*MIC (µg/mL)†
4 (male)3000FailureBaselineS91FD95GD86N180.06840.520.06
6 (male)3000FailureBaselineS91FD95GD86N140.061610.520.06
7 (male)1500FailureBaselineS91FD95AD86N1160.0382220.03
  • Table reproduced with permission from Scangarella-Oman et al,21 under the Creative Commons Attribution License. Full terms at:

  • *Sequencing of quinolone resistance–determining region only.

  • †Dark, light and no shading indicate resistant, intermediate and susceptible, respectively, according to M100-S27 CLSI breakpoints.

  • ‡No breakpoints are currently available for GEP.

  • §The CLSI non-wild-type epidemiological cut-off value was applied.

  • AZI, azithromycin; CFM, cefixime; CIP, ciprofloxacin; CLSI, Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute; CRO, ceftriaxone; GEP, gepotidacin; MIC, minimum inhibitory concentration; PEN, penicillin; SPT, spectinomycin; TET, tetracycline; TOC, test of cure.