Table 2

Sociodemographic, clinical and behavioural characteristics of interview participants

Age group
Clinical manifestation of skin lesions
Anogenital and other body parts8
Only in anogenital area2
Only outside anogenital area2
Type of recent* sexual exposures relevant to MPX transmission†
Contact with a known confirmed MPX case3
Sexual contact with a person suspect of MPX‡2
Sexual contact at a festival publicly associated with MPX4
Sexual contact with person who attended a festival publicly associated with MPX4
Sexual contact at cruising venue (sauna, club or bar)6
Sexual contact via dating apps5
Other casual sexual contacts at persons’ home3
Suspected mode of transmission
Close physical contact during sex11
Close physical contact other than during sex1
  • *Recent refers to the 21-day period before symptom onset.

  • †Multiple responses possible.

  • ‡Refers to contacts being suspect of MPX based on either self-reported (ie, by sex partner) or observed (eg, by the index case) signs or symptoms associated with an MPX infection.

  • MPX, monkeypox.