Table 1

Sexual health service use since COVID-19-related social restrictions lifted in the UK (early August–November/December 2021) reported by GBMSM participating in the 2021 RiiSH-COVID survey

% (n)
Visited a sexual health clinic
Ever81.0 (842)
In the lookback44.4 (374)
Reason for most recent visit to sexual health clinic
(if ever visited)
 General sexual health check-up56.1 (471)
 PrEP appointment24.4 (205)
 Worried might have STI or HIV17.2 (144)
 Symptomatic13.6 (114)
 Partner diagnosed with STI9.8 (82)
 HIV care9.1 (76)
 Vaccination8.5 (71)
 Partner symptomatic5.6 (47)
 PEP5.6 (47)
 Treatment after positive test5.4 (45)
STI-specific outcomes
STI symptoms (in the lookback)
Yes18.8 (195)
STI testing
Ever80.6 (837)
In the lookback42.0 (436)
STI test result (if tested in lookback)
 Positive25.0 (109)
Where tested for STIs (if tested in lookback)
 Sexual health clinic60.0 (261)
 Free self-sample service44.5 (194)
 HIV clinic6.0 (26)
 Private self-sample service2.8 (12)
 General practitioner1.6 (7)
HIV-specific outcomes (if reporting an HIV-negative/unknown status)
HIV testing
Ever88 (914)
In the lookback45.8 (421)
Where tested for HIV (if tested in lookback)
 Sexual health clinic56.8 (239)
 Free online self-sampling34.2 (144)
 Self-testing kit4.0 (17)
 Another outpatient clinic1.7 (7)
 General practitioner1.2 (5)
PrEP use
In the lookback31.9 (293)
  • GBMSM, gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men; PEP, post-exposure prophylaxis; PrEP, pre-exposure prophylaxis; RiiSH, Reducing inequalities in Sexual Health; STI, sexually transmitted infection.