Table 1

Outcome descriptions for study inclusion and synthesis

AccuracySensitivity and specificity of index self-sampling as compared with laboratory-confirmed reference standards.65 66
PreferencePatient preference for an SS option over clinician-based sampling, documented as a proportion over the total number of participants who were offered testing.62
FeasibilityFeasibility of SS strategies for CT/GC testing, measured by completion rate, test return rate, patient ability to interpret results and reasons for not returning the test.62
ImpactNet change from baseline in a particular group attributable to an SS strategy for the following metrics: (1) linkage to care; (2) number of first-time testers who used the SS option; (3) partner referrals; (4) turnaround time (TAT) to test results; (5) detection of new CT/GC cases; and (6) test uptake from baseline.62 Metrics were reported as proportions with CIs. TAT was reported as median time with ranges.
  • CT, Chlamydia trachomatis; GC, Neisseria gonorrhoeae; SS, self-sampling.