Table 2

Bivariate associations of PrEP use, CAS, oral sex (OS) and number of anal sex partners (NSPs) and any recent bacterial STI diagnosis; baseline data, Engage cohort study (n=2009)

PredictorOutcomeDirect effect
β95% CIP value
PrEP useSTI0.140.03 to 0.240.01
OSSTI0.230.10 to 0.36<0.001
CASSTI0.380.27 to 0.48<0.001
PrEP useOS0.07−0.16 to 0.290.56
NSPsOS0.19−0.12 to 0.490.24
PrEP useCAS0.280.17 to 0.38<0.001
NSPsCAS0.680.64 to 0.72<0.001
PrEP useNSPs0.300.23 to 0.37<0.001
  • The estimated coefficients are standardised coefficients.

  • CAS, condomless anal sex; PrEP, pre-exposure prophylaxis.