Table 2

Main characteristics of participants from included studies

Author and year of publicationPopulationN (on PrEP/not on PrEP)Gender and sexual orientation*Age median (IQR)*
Berçot et al, 202132 Asymptomatic MSM from the ANRS IPERGAY trial (which evaluated on-demand PrEP) that were enrolled in an RCT of PEP with doxycycline210 (210/0)Men: 210 (MSM: 210)38 (32–46)
Bradley et al, 202033*Asymptomatic MSM who were having a rectal swab for NG, CT and MG collected as part of their routine care (screening)742 (170/572)Men: 739 (MSM: 739)
Transgender: 3
31 (27–39)
Brin et al, 202234*Patients vising the hospital for routine STI screening, possible STI symptoms or follow-up for PrEP or HIV infection5586 (207/5379)Men: 3649 (MSM: NR)
Women: 1884
Transgender: 8
Women: 23 (21–28)
Men: 29 (23–39)
Chambers et al, 201935*Symptomatic MSM >16 years with NGU from an STI clinic103 (18/85)Men: 103 (MSM: 103)30 (27–39)
Couldwell et al, 201836*†Symptomatic and asymptomatic MSM attending a sexual health centre for STI testing508 (169/339)Men: 508 (MSM: 508)33 (NR)
De Baetselier et al, 202237 Symptomatic and asymptomatic MSM from the Be-PrEP-ared cohort study, in which STIs were tested every 3 months179 (179/0)Men: 179 (MSM: 179)NR
Deborde et al, 2019 and Ducours et al, 201938 39 Patients on PrEP148 (148/0)Men: 145 (MSM: 145)
Woman: 1
Transgender: 2
35 (NR)
Guiraud et al, 202140*Men from an STI clinic78 (16/62)Men: 78 (MSM: 60)34 (20–58)
Herms et al, 202141*Symptomatic and asymptomatic patients undergoing STI testing249 (13/236)Men: 224 (MSM: 85)
Women: 22
Mean 34 (range 15–76)
Jansen et al, 202042*Symptomatic and asymptomatic ≥18 years MSM2303 (283/2020)Men: 2303 (MSM: 2303)39 (range 18–79)
McIver et al, 201943*Men >16 years presenting symptoms of acute NGU588 (102/486)Men: 588 (MSM: 306)30 (26–37)
Read et al, 2019* and
Chua et al, 202144 45*
Asymptomatic MSM from the MnM Study that reported receptive anal sex in the preceding year1001 (142/859)
94 (14/80)
Men: 1001 (MSM: 1001)
Men: 94 (MSM: 94)
29 (24–34)
27 (23–32)
Richardson et al, 202146*†MSM with symptomatic gonococcal urethritis184 (31/153)Men: 184 (MSM: 109)31 (24–38)
Streeck et al, 202247*MSM at the screening visit for the BRAHMS Study1043 (553/490)Men: 1042 (MSM: 959)33 (28–39)
Van Praet et al, 201948 MSM on PrEP screened for STIs131 (131/0)Men: 131 (MSM: 131)40 (20–79)
  • *For studies that also included not only individuals on PrEP.

  • †There is an overlap of participants between the studies of Couldwell et al and Richardson et al.

  • CT, Chlamydia trachomatis; MG, Mycoplasma genitalium; MSM, men who have sex with men; N, number of participants; NG, Neisseria gonorrhoeae; NGU, non-gonococcal urethritis; NR, not reported; PEP, post-exposure prophylaxis; PrEP, pre-exposure prophylaxis; RCT, randomised clinical trial; STI, sexually transmitted infection.