Table 1

Main characteristics of included studies

Author and year of publicationCountryStudy periodType of samplesDiagnostic methods
Berçot et al, 202132 FranceJuly 2015–June 2016Urine samples, oral and anal swabs Mycoplasma genitalium Real-TM kit (PCR)
Cobas TV/MG (PCR)
ResistancePlus MG (SpeeDx) (PCR)
Bradley et al, 202033 AustraliaMarch 2017–May 2017Rectal swabsBio-Rad CFX96 C1000 (PCR)
ResistancePlus MG (SpeeDx) (PCR)
Brin et al, 202234 FranceJanuary 2017–December 2018Urine samples, vaginal and anal swabsMultiplex PCR-Hologic Aptima (PCR)
Chambers et al, 201935 USADecember 2014–July 2018Urine samples and urethral swabsResistancePlus MG (SpeeDx) (PCR)
Couldwell et al, 201836*AustraliaFebruary 2017–May 2017Urine samples, oral and anal swabsResistancePlus MG (SpeeDx) (PCR)
De Baetselier et al, 202237 Belgium2015–2018Urine samples, anorectal and pharyngeal swabsAccredited in-house real-time PCR
Deborde et al, 2019 and Ducours et al, 201938 39 FranceJanuary 2016–February 2017
January 2016–December 2017
Urine samples, anorectal and pharyngeal swabsMultiplex PCR-Hologic Aptima (PCR)
Guiraud et al, 202140 FranceJune 2017–February 2018Urine samples, rectal and pharyngeal swabsS-DiaMGTV kit (PCR)
Herms et al, 202141 FranceJanuary 2017–December 2018Urine samples, genital, anal and oral swabsCobas TV/MG (PCR)
Jansen et al, 202042 GermanyFebruary 2018–August 2018Urine samples, rectal and pharyngeal swabsMultiplex PCR-Hologic Aptima (PCR)
McIver et al, 201943 AustraliaApril 2017–May 2018Urine samplesResistancePlus MG (SpeeDx) (PCR)
Read et al, 2019 and
Chua et al, 202144 45
AustraliaAugust 2016–September 2017Urine samples and rectal swabsResistancePlus MG (SpeeDx) (PCR)
Richardson et al, 202146*AustraliaJanuary 2017–December 2018Urine samplesIn-house PCR assay and ResistancePlus MG (SpeeDx) (PCR)
Streeck et al, 202247 GermanyJune 2018–July 2019Urine samples, anal and pharyngeal swabs M. genitalium assay-Hologic Aptima (PCR)
Van Praet et al, 201948 BelgiumJune 2017–March 2019Urine samples, rectal and pharyngeal swabsTaqMan Array Card (PCR)
  • *There is an overlap of participants between the studies of Couldwell et al and Richardson et al.