Table 1

Definition of Key terms in Natsal-COVID-2

Sexually experiencedNatsal-COVID-2: Reporting any lifetime sexual partner contact (vaginal, anal, oral sex or other genital contact)
(Natsal-3: reporting sex with at least one person over the lifetime (vaginal, oral or anal sex))
Women/men/all‘Women’ and ‘men’ each include trans women and trans men, respectively, but not those who identify in another way. The denominator for cervical cancer screening and reproductive health outcomes is participants described as female at birth, which includes cis women, trans men, and some non-binary participants. ‘All’ includes men, women and those who identify in another way
Women who have sex with women (WSW)/men who have sex with men (MSM)Reporting sex with at least one person of the same sex in the past 5 years. We acknowledge that these groups are heterogeneous in behaviours and risks, and they include individuals reporting exclusively same-sex partners as well as those with same-sex and opposite-sex partners
  • In Natsal-COVID-2, 67 participants reported their sex at birth as different to their gender identity and were classified as ‘trans’, including 26 trans men, 19 trans women, and 22 who identified in another way (includes non-binary participants).