Table 2

Emergency contraception (EC) administration at the Sexual Assault Treatment Unit (SATU) network

Total number of cases with potential eligibility for EC*
% (n=3529)
EC given53.8% (1899/3529)
 Attendance type
 Attended with police81.0% (1538/1899)
 Self-report/health check6.1% (116/1899)
 Storage of evidence (no police involvement)12.9% (245/1899)
EC not given43.7% (1542/3529)
 Reasons EC not given
  No penile penetration35.5% (547/1542)
  Already effective contraception36.4% (561/1542)
  Hysterectomy<1% (14/1542)
  EC already given19.8% (305/1542)
  Postmenopausal<1% (11/1542)
  Declined5.8% (89/1542)
  Reason not recorded1% (15/1542)
 Not recorded2.5% (88/3529)
  • *Instances of assault occurring within 5 days, to those individuals under the age of 51 years and of childbearing potential.