Table 1

Characteristics of included studies

Author, yearType of studyTotalVaccinatedPretreatment CIN2+ (proportion, %)TreatmentVaccine valency (proportion, %)Fully vaccinated (proportion, %)TimingRange of follow-up (in months)*
Grzes et al, 201133 C752581LEEP, CKCHPV4100After conisation24–24
Joura et al, 201234 Pha-RCT1066474100LEEP (85%), conisation (13%), cryotherapy (1%)HPV4∽100Previous vaccination—mean of 28 and 30 months before conisation2–48
Kang et al, 201335 C737360100LEEPHPV41001 week after conisation6–48
Hildesheim et al, 201636 Pha-RCT737†362†100LEEPHPV280Previous vaccination—median of 28 months before conisation15–40
Garland et al, 201637 Pha-RCT454190100LEEP, conisationHPV2n.r.Previous vaccination—mean of 19 and 27 months before conisation2–48
Ortega-Quiñonero et al, 201838 C242103100LEEPHPV2 (68); HPV4 (33)1001 month before (45%) and 1 month after (55%) conisation24–24
Pieralli et al, 201839 RCT17889100ConisationHPV41003 months after conisation36–36
Ghelardi et al, 201840 CC344172100LEEPHPV41001 month after conisation6–48
Sand et al, 201941 C17 1282 074100ConisationHPV41003 months before (19%) and ≤12 months after conisation (81%)12–12
Vinnytska, 201942 C11376100LEEPHPV2 (n.r.), HPV4 (n.r.)1002 months before conisation (2nd dose at conisation)36–36
Bogani et al, 202043 C300100100LEEPHPV4 (93)68<3 months after conisation (82%); 3–6 months after conisation (4%)60–60
Del Pino et al, 202044 C26515390.6LEEPHPV2 (20), HPV4 (5), HPV9 (64)1000–12 months after conisation8–77
Karimi-Zarchi et al, 202045 RCT16293100LEEP‡HPV475At the time of conisation24–24
Petrillo et al, 202046 C28518297.5LEEPHPV4 (98)1001 month after conisation24–60
Zhao et al, 202047 Pha-RCT625†330†18.7 (HSIL)LEEP, CKCHPV2100Previous vaccination—median of 17 months before conisation32–64
Gómez de la Rosa et al, 202148 C331160100LEEPHPV2 (n.r.), HPV4 (n.r.)n.r.<6 months after conisation48–48
Casajuana-Pérez et al, 202249 C56327793.6LEEPHPV2 (n.r.), HPV4 (n.r.)
HPV9 (n.r.)
92>1 month before (21%), <1 month before (4%), <1 month after (5%), 1–6 months after (51%), >6 months (19%) after conisation15–51
Henere et al, 202250 C398306100 (HSIL)LEEPHPV9924 months before (37%); mean 5 months after (63%) conisation9–31
Shiravani et al, 202251 CC30015054.7LEEP‡HPV4n.r.After conisation24–24
Chen et al, 202352 C421148100LEEPHPV4100<3 months after conisation24–48
  • Fully vaccinated women received three vaccine doses.

  • *Minimum–maximum, first–third quartile, or sum of mean and ±SD of follow-up.

  • †Person-days.

  • ‡Algorithm of the American Society for Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology.

  • C, cohort study; CC, case–control study; CIN2+, high-grade cervical intraepithelial neoplasia; CKC, cold knife cone; HPV2/HPV4/HPV9, bivalent/quadrivalent/nonavalent human papillomavirus vaccine; HSIL, high-grade squamous intraepithelial lesion; LEEP, loop electrosurgical excision procedure; n.r, not reported; pha-RCT, post-hoc analysis of randomised clinical trial; RCT, randomised clinical trial.