Table 2

Search terms for scoping review

Sexually transmitted and bloodborne infections*HIV, HBV, Hepatitis B, HCV, Hepatitis C, chlamydia, gonorrhea, gonorrhoea, syphilis, human papilloma virus, HPV, sexually transmitted infection, herpes genitalis, sexually transmitted, sexually transmitted disease, and blood-borne infection STI, STBBI, STD
Digital interventions†Online, digital, digital technology, internet-based, web-based, eHealth, mHealth, app, apps, mobile application, smartphone, telemedicine, virtual
TestingTesting, screening, self-sampling, self-test*, self-collect*, home-testing, diagnos*
Health equityHealth equity, equit*, inequit*, dispari*, equal*, unequal, discriminat*, marginali*, underserved, vulnerab*, disadvantage*, rural, racial*, race, ethnic*, unemploy*, gender, literacy, literate, illitera*, youth, young*, elder*, educational status, educational attainment, educational level, “gay and bisexual men”, gbMSM, homosexual men, sexual minority, stigma*, old*, women, social class, social status, social capital, socioeconomic*, poverty, hard-to-reach.
  • *Search terms for STBBIs are derived from a combination of related terms identified in the pan-Canadian framework for STBBIs and other similar publications

  • Search terms related to digital interventions are derived from search terms in similar publications