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Quantifying heterogeneity in sexual behaviour and distribution of STIs before and after pre-exposure prophylaxis among men who have sex with men
Daphne Amanda van Wees, Sophie Diexer, Ganna Rozhnova, Amy Matser, Chantal den Daas, Janneke Heijne, Mirjam Kretzschmar

22 August 2022

Factors associated with syphilis seroprevalence in women with and at-risk for HIV infection in the Women’s Interagency HIV Study (1994–2015)
Kristal J Aaron, Ilene Brill, Zenoria Causey-Pruitt, Kerry Murphy, Michael Augenbraun, Seble Kassaye, Joel E Milam, Dominika Seidman, Audrey L French, Stephen J Gange, Adaora A Adimora, Anandi N Sheth, Margaret A Fischl, Barbara Van Der Pol, Jeanne MarrazzoSee the full list of authors

17 January 2022

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