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Cervical and systemic innate immunity predictors of HIV risk linked to genital herpes acquisition and time from HSV-2 seroconversion
Yashini Govender, Charles S Morrison, Pai-Lien Chen, Xiaoming Gao, Hidemi Yamamoto, Tsungai Chipato, Sharon Anderson, Robert Barbieri, Robert Salata, Gustavo F Doncel, Raina Nakova Fichorova

14 September 2022

How did the COVID-19 pandemic affect access to condoms, chlamydia and HIV testing, and cervical cancer screening at a population level in Britain? (Natsal-COVID)
Emily Dema, Pam Sonnenberg, Jo Gibbs, Anne Conolly, Malachi Willis, Julie Riddell, Raquel Bosó Pérez, Andrew J Copas, Clare Tanton, Chris Bonell, Clarissa Oeser, Soazig Clifton, Magnus Unemo, Catherine H Mercer, Kirstin R MitchellSee the full list of authors

18 August 2022

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